Friday, June 29, 2018

Early Spring 2018 Hikes and St Sebastian's feast day!

Uncle Bill and Lucy brought over this delicious surprise to celebrate St Sebastian's feast day! Such a treat and so thoughtful!

Thank you!

On a hike at Sky Meadows state park . . . it was warming up, but ice still covered so much of the pond!

The kids were excited to talk to these horesback riders and pet the horses!

Shenandoah River State Park~ what a contrast compared to now in summer!! 

This house is always so interesting to see, the top level is just above the tree line. Without the leaves on the trees, we were amazed to see that it is no less then FIVE STORIES tall! The trees are getting taller though, so they may need to add a sixth soon!

The Boys (Look at that dog, what an incredible heeler!)

The Girls

We also had some fun hikes with Aunt lulu and the kids around her neighborhood in Old Town. Look at that magnificent dog!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Early spring hike and some snow!

A short picture post I never published last year. Spring 2017!

Beaver evidence!

The kids were fascinated with the work the beavers have done. 

Here is one of the dams

Kateri leads the way!

The kids checking out the river.

Sweet kia content in the stroller

And one of the very first bluebells, a sure sign spring is coming!

Bashy hitches a ride once his "legs stop working".

Cousins, early spring 2017
Bashy confidently assured me he put pants on, but when I came outside to make sure, this is what I found:

That's one way to wear pants!

Kateri spinning salad, gollum-esque.

Getting ready to plant some seeds.
What I found inside Sebastian's cammo bag, a boy's necessities!

2 very helpful firemen

My new pretty planner, which I barely used.

preparing to go outside in a late snowstorm

Our indoor greenhouse
The bradford pear was blooming in this snow.

Nothing beats a good snow day!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

What they said . . . and a few pics from last year . . .

Kateri: (coming out of her room where she had hidden Clark the cat unbeknownst to me)
Mommy, is Clarky outside?
Me: Hmm I'm not sure . . .
Kateri: I think he is outside, over the hills and SO far away.
(sneaky sneaky! lesson to mom!)

Clark following us on a walk, just like a sulky teenager. He refuses to make eye contact, and follows at a respectable distance, careful not to associate with us too closely!

Clark makes sure that he is present whenever Kia gets nummies.

Once I pulled in front of the library to drop off some books in the drop box. I jumped out of a car, and another lady kindly held the little drop box door open for me. After thanking her, I jumped back in the car.
Kateri: Was she nice?
Me: Yes, she was very nice.
Bashy: (In and incredulous voice) Her can TALK?
Me: Yes
Bashy: (even more incredulous) Her can EAT?
Me: Yes
Kateri: (You could practically HEAR her eyes rolling): Bashy, persons can talk and eat!

My two constant companions

Or maybe 3, 3 constant companions!

Sebastian: (using some chap stick, which has turned into one of the most sought after possessions in our home)
Kateri: Boys do NOT use lip balm! They do not wear dresses! Boys are HANDSOME!
Sebastian: (determined not to give up the chapstick no matter the cost) I'm not handsome!
Kateri: Yes! You're handsome!
(somehow I feel certain they will not have this same argument in 10 years!)

Bashy: *cough*cough* There is a frog in my throat!
Me: Oh, does it say, "Ribbit"?
Bashy: No . . . It says. "Hi, you Bashy, I am in your mouth."
Ok then!

Mom made Kateri this darling little mouse!

Aunt Betty gave us this cute little chair, isn't it perfect in this corner?! I just love it! Thank you, aunt Betty!

Kateri often enjoys composing her own songs, and singing them to herself around the house. She is very confident that her songs are great symphonies, and has shared with me that she is quite certain that even in Heaven, her songs are superior. Occasionally, I remember to write down her lyrics, and as you can see, they are quite superior indeed.
Kateri: (singing and repeating often) I am totally nuts!

(another song)

Kateri: (singing and again repeating often) Mom is so so proud of me!

(another song)

Kateri (singing): If you love me, I don't love you . . .
Me: (Looking at her quizzically)
Kateri: It's a love song, Mommy!
that explains it ;)

Kateri: "Welcome to my Fixer Upper!" 
Never was there ever a tree Kateri did not want to climb!

Sweet girl on a hike at Sky Meadows 2017

Poor sick Bashy

Making me some dinner!

A rare moment in which all four of us are reading simultaneously!

Bashy often falls asleep with one leg crossed. 
Little Kia and Nanny

Sunflower grown from fallen birdseed! 

Sebastian multitasking. Singing, playing the piano, and reading "Danny and the Dinosaur." The music may not have been of the highest quality, consisting of one note played over and over!

Bashy: I have a new tooth coming in!
Me: Where?
Bashy: It is outside the door and is coming into my mouth!
Kateri: (rolling her eyes) There is no tooth outside, Bash!
Bashy: (unabashed) It is downstairs and coming in!

Kateri positively flies on her scooter

That smile!

Monkey see, monkey do! How young they learn. 

Bashy: (after looking through the book "Farmer Giles of Ham") I like it only a lot but not too much.

Danny is a very thoughtful and gentle cousin

Visiting with dear friends!

Can you believe Finn was ever this tiny?!

On the feast of St Kateri

When even Clark won't look at me for a proper photo.

Kia was acting normal, but felt warm, and would you believe when we got home she was over 102? Poor baby!

While on a hike recently, I pointed out a mountain ridge to Kateri
Me: See that mountain? It is undulating, see how it looks like waves?
Kateri: It looks like my writing! I do ocean writing! (touche! she fills pages that way!)

Me: Pat, I am dying to see the houses you found! (on
Bashy: (with a smile) Don't die, mom!